Beyond Security - Dynamic Application Security Testing
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BeSTORM:  The only fuzzing solution you will ever need

Your cybersecurity staff can now perform comprehensive, dynamic security testing on any software or hardware – before hackers do.  Dynamic application security testing automatically tests millions, even billions, of attack combinations to guarantee the security of your products before they’re released, saving you time and costly security fixes afterwards.

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DAST:  Dynamic Application Security Testing

Discover code weaknesses and certify the security strength of any product without access to source code. Test any protocol or hardware with beSTORM, even those used in IoT, process control, automotive and aerospace.

  • Realtime fuzzing, doesn’t need access to the source code, no cases to download
  • One platform, one GUI to learn, with over 250+ prebuilt protocol testing modules and the ability to add custom and proprietary ones
  • Find the security weaknesses before deployment that are most often discovered by external actors after release
  • Certify vendor components and your own applications in your own testing center
  • Cloud-based scanning, doesn’t need to be on-site
  • Self-learning software module and propriety software testing
  • Quality assurance from the first step and beyond
  • Customization and scalability for any business, sizes up or down


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    DAST Checklist

    Test applications and hardware with one tool

    Standardize your testing procedure across all product lines and all departments.

    • Automatically generate and deliver near infinite attack vectors and document any product failures
    • Systematically fill the entire test sphere with billions of tests, starting with the most likely scenarios. No writing of test cases
    • Record every pass/fail and hand engineering the exact command that produced each fail

    beSTORM: Unmatched DAST Black Box Testing Capabilities

    Dynamic Application Security Testing


    • Fill the entire test range automatically
    • Over 250 modules covering nearly every known protocol
    • Certify applications as robust/resistant to attack

    Black Box Fuzzing


    • Starts with most common weaknesses
    • Documents tests completed
    • Fast test for use in development, comprehensive test for certification

    Cybersecurity Protection


    • Test vendor-provided components prior to acceptance
    • Certify your product’s resistance to attack
    • Used by certification centers and test labs around the world

    Test proprietary or unknown protocols

    Your team can now test any software or hardware, regardless of the protocol.

    • Build new test modules using protocol specifications and run exhaustive tests to confirm secure operation
    • Auto Learn function for testing unknown or proprietary protocols
    • Ensure integrity of non-standard, proprietary, or secret protocols
    • Protocol playback mechanism

    Confirm known and discover unknown vulnerabilities

    Dynamic testing tools typically run a certain set of test cases, perhaps thousands or at best tens of thousands. beSTORM commonly performs millions and can deliver billions of attack combinations, filling the entire possible test sphere.

    • Test protocols, files, hardware, DLL, API and more
    • Certify a powerful, robust resistance to attack
    • Show engineering what happened – provide the specific input that caused the unwanted outcome – often application crash
    • Verify code repairs as complete – repeatable test runs document success/failure

    Fast and deep testing

    Run quick checks during dev to confirm that new code is fundamentally sound and perform longer test runs at final QA to catch the outlier issues.

    • Set up testing with any of the 250+ existing modules in a matter of minutes
    • Quick speed, add additional processing power to do tens of thousands of tests per hour
    • Run beSTORM longer to go deeper. Every module can deliver billions of tests. Establish high confidence that no vulnerability will be discovered in the field

    We are very impressed with beSTORM. One notable feature is its flexibility in adding new and proprietary protocols. We are actively expanding the usage of beSTORM in our overall product portfolio as part of the standard security testing procedure.

                       – Juniper Networks