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30-Day Trial: beSECURE Lite

Get an introduction to our top rated vulnerability assessment solution without commitment. Qualified users enjoy 30 days risk free. No credit card required.

As the attack surface and threats evolve, business owners fear they are losing visibility and control over their networks and lack the intelligence to detect and minimize risks. 

But should small businesses allocate funds to cybersecurity? With about half of all cyberattacks targeting SMBs, absolutely. And it doesn’t have to be expensive.

With beSECURE Lite, users can scan small networks and applications with the same level of vulnerability assessment enjoyed by larger enterprises without the price tag. 

Request a demo and 30-day trial to learn:

  • An efficient, scalable way to prioritize and minimize risk.
  • Key benefits such as continuous asset monitoring, automatic threat detection and integration with popular ticketing services.
  • Special considerations such as PCI ASV scanning and compliance reporting.

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